The Sensational Style Of Jessica Rabbit

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Perhaps the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit it doesn’t sound familiar, but if we mention the name of Jessica Rabbit, you will surely remember it. The film was very successful as it entwined animated characters with actors. It was a great idea that many appreciated. On the other hand, Jessica Rabbit was one of the most important and popular animated characters. The charm, beauty and sensuality made people think of her as an actress although she was just an animated character. The long red dress, with an impressive cleavage, the big blue eyes and the voluptuous big red lips, made Jessica Rabbit a great character.

Not only the way she looks is impressive, but also the way she behaved and moved. Everything about Jessica Rabbit is sensational. This animated character managed to represent how a very seductive woman should look like and act. Jessica Rabbit is the fatal woman and men are crazy about her. She also represents a seduction lessons for less experienced women or for those who are too shy. Watching the film, is the equivalent of a wonderful seduction lesson. Jessica Rabbit is one of the most popular characters in the world. Her fame is so huge as there are women in the world who want to look like her or at least, they dress the same way. It is incredible what is happening, but Jessica Rabbit is definitely one of the most important and wonderful characters in the world.

There are some who consider that Jessica Rabbit is vulgar because the way she moves and dresses is just exaggerated. Nonetheless, the majority consider her a very wonderful woman, sensual and men are crazy for her. Nevertheless, Jessica Rabbit doesn’t give up. Although she looks very sensitive, Jessica Rabbit is actually a strong woman with a great life experience. It seems that she knows exactly what and when to say, having always the right words. Jessica Rabbit uses all her senses and all the ways to get what she wants, but in a simple and peaceful way.

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Jessica Rabbit – Copied By A Real Woman

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Apparently, some women did not find out that Jessica Rabbit is simply a cartoon character. A Russian woman named Kristina Rei took Jessica Rabbit as an example and it seems she considers the animated pin-up her icon. Would she have any other reason for which she is desperately trying to look like Jessica Rabbit? The young woman from Saint Petersburg always considered that her thin lips make her look ugly. The solution she found? A 4,000 pounds worth modification of her lips. As Angelina Jolie is no more an example, Jessica Rabbit enjoys the spotlight. She was the star that Rei imitated in order to get her lips done. To make sure her lips look like her favorite’s character, Rei had more than 100 silicone injections. According to her, these are not only extremely expensive, but also incredibly painful.

Kristina Rei is a nail technician and thanks to her current resemblance to cartoon character Jessica Rabbit she now things she looks fantastic. More than this, Rei says she feels great because during high school she was always bullied for her thin lips. She recognizes she is now addicted to silicone injections, but she loves her lips. In present, Rei is bullied once again, because this time her lips are two big. People laugh on the street when they see her and they call her names. Even so, she is not very disturbed, because she takes pride in her lips.

Before taking the decision to get them injected with silicone, Rei always admired her bigger sister’s full lips. Although she considered them pretty, she adored those of Jessica Rabbit and she decided to take her as an example. She dreamed of having her lips enhanced from the age of four and once she saw Jessica Rabbit for the first time she knew that she want lips identical to hers. Rei got her first injection at 17 and since then she is desperate to look like Jessica Rabbit. The fact that the 22 years old never had a boyfriend did not made her think. She still does not believe her lips represent a problem and she does not plan to stop soon.

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Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle Options

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Although a fictional character, Jessica Rabbit is very important for many people. She actually managed to become a model for people around the world, due to her amazing looks and glamorous style. Many women decide to style up like Jessica Rabbit, in the whole aspect or only in several instances. This can be a suitable solution for a Halloween costume or for just making a choice that will change the way in which a woman looks. If you want to create a part of the Jessica Rabbit look for yourself, we strongly recommend that you opt for her hairstyle. This can be a suitable look for many people and it is a change that you must do, if you want to look glamorous and chic.

You can start off the Jessica Rabbit hairstyle by imitating her hair color. All you have to do is find the perfect hair color nuance, which is suitable for your natural color and can give out the desired effect. Having made this change, you can then move on to styling and accentuating its form. You will probably have to cut some of your hair in order to create the beautiful layers sported by the fictional character. After giving it the form, you can move to fixing the side split of the hair. Take a hair styler and make your hair lean and straight. Then, take the curling iron and start adding finishing touches. For this, you will need a picture of Jessica Rabbit, which can be found on this website, as a model. Make gentle curves in general and a higher more dramatic one on the top.

As a result, you will have your very own Jessica Rabbit look, which is perfect for parties and other festive events. On a daily basis, you can remake your hair in the Jessica Rabbit style, leave it straight or curl it up more. This hairstyle is great, as it can easily be fixed and can be worn in many other ways. Taking Jessica Rabbit as a style icon is one of the best choices you can make for oozing glamor.

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Jessica Rabbit – An Animated Pin-Up

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Jessica Rabbit is an animated character that stars in movies where apparently, the main character is her husband. Even so, each time she appears, Jessica Rabbit steals the show. Jessica Rabbit has a great body and she is far away of the skinny models of 2012. She has real curves and a very appealing body. Not to mention the way she dresses. Jessica Rabbit made victims in an era when rounder women were considered beautiful, but contrary to all beliefs, she still makes victims today. Jessica Rabbit has a great look and anyone who would see such a woman in reality would surely tell her looks are enhanced through surgeries. Actually, Jessica Rabbit looks like a pin-up girl. If you have no idea what a pin-up girl is, you should know that this is the name given to models in the first part of the 20th century.

Jessica Rabbit looks just like one. She is curvaceous, has beautiful long hair and a sensational body. Jessica Rabbit is a so much better example than the models that are presented today on TV shows, which are very skinny. She dresses in a very glamorous style and she sports beautiful shoes. Her makeup is always perfect and her accessories are gorgeous. Jessica Rabbit makes a great impression, even if she does not have the main part in the movie in which she appears. She simply steals the thunder of everyone else when she is in the scene.

From a typical pin-up girl, Jessica Rabbit takes the long beautiful hair, the great body, the pale skin and the heavy makeup. The shoes that she wears fit her perfectly. She always has a pair of shine red pumps and she moves excellent. Her dress is also red and it sparkles and she always has beautiful long gloves. The hair of Jessica Rabbit is red and perfectly coiffed and it always covers one of her eyes, to create a mysterious and attractive look. Even if Jessica Rabbit is only an animated character and she only had a few apparitions in movies, she looks great and resembles perfectly a real life pin-up.

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Kathleen Turner – The Voice Behind Jessica Rabbit

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Hollywood directors have always managed to prove that a refined detail and a series of artistic features are enough to create sensuality, without having to resort to nudity or passionate scenes. This is also the case of Jessica Rabbit. Who would have ever thought that a cartoon character could be that sexy and sensual? Well, Jessica Rabbit is so much more than that. According to a recent British survey, Jessica Rabbit was designated as the sexiest appearance in a movie. A fifth of the survey respondents placed Jessica Rabbit on the first place.

Jessica Rabbit is surely a very sexy character, but her sexiness is also due to her deep, husky voice. So who is the voice behind Jessica Rabbit? She is Kathleen Turner, an American actress born on June 19, 1954, in Springfield, Missouri. Kathleen Turner came into the spotlight in 1978, when the was cast in the daytime soap The Doctors. That role marked her debut on television. Her film debut came in 1981, when the landed the part of Matty Walker in Body Heat, the thriller which gained her international recognition. Besides her being very talented, she was also extremely beautiful. It should therefore come as no surprise that Kathleen was ranked as one of the sexiest and most beautiful movie stars in film history for many years, and by many publications worldwide, including The New York Times and Empire Magazine.

Coincidental or not, she was perfect to voice the sexy character Jessica Rabbit. Her husky voice gave the character an extra sensual touch. Just by hearing her voice people got goosebumps, which is why Kathleen was often compared to Lauren Bacall. In 1988, when the hit movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released, Kathleen was already a first-class actress. When Jessica Rabbit spoke for the first time, everyone recognized the woman who voiced her. Clearly, Kathleen Turner was an incredibly inspired choice for the voice of Jessica Rabbit. Besides Jessica Rabbit, Kathleen Turner was also a voice actress for productions such as Monster House and Disneyland spin-off Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

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Who Is Jessica Rabbit

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You may have heard of Jessica Rabbit. If you have no idea who Jessica Rabbit is, we have some information for you. Jessica Rabbit is a Disney character that appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-Up. She is also the star of a video game named Who Framed Roger Rabbit and of an attraction of an amusement park, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. In the movies, Jessica Rabbit is played by Kathleen Turner, who does the speaking parts and Amy Irving, who does the singing parts. The inspiration for the character of Jessica Rabbit was the classic damsel in distress from the detective movies. Because Jessica Rabbit is a very complex character, she is also called Jessica Krupnick-Rabbit, Jessie, Mrs. Rabbit and Love Cups. She is very beautiful and glamorous and she is very attractive.

She is slender and has a beautiful fair skin. Her eyes are blue and her lips are red. Her eyelids are always purple, but her amazing long red hair always covers one of her eyes. Jessica Rabbit always sports aqua earring and a red strapless dress that sparkles in a great way. She wears long purple gloves that match her eyelids and her signature feature are the amazing shine red pumps that she has all the time. Jessica Rabbit has various occupations: she is a club performer, a nurse and a park ranger, but the most important, she is Roger Rabbit’s wife. Her main goal in life is to clear the name of her husband.

In Toontown, her hometown, other characters related with Jessica Rabbit also live: her uncle-in-law Thumper and his sisters, her grandfather-in-law Mr. Hare and his wife, Mrs. Hare, her aunt-in-law Miss Bunny and the more important, her loving husband Roger Rabbit. To defend him, Jessica Rabbit has her personal weapons: a pistol, a mallet, a bear trap and a frying pan. Her enemies in Toontown are judge Doom and the Toon Patrol, but she fights against them with the help of Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Dolores, Baby Herman, Acme, Mervin, Benny the Cab and Toons.

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Jessica Rabbit Plastic Surgery

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Jessica Rabbit is one of the most popular fictional characters in the world. Although only an animated character, Jessica Rabbit has an impressive fame all around the earth. She is very sexy, beautiful and, most of all, Jessica Rabbit is a seductive woman. There is no wonder after all that so many women would love to look like this beautiful character. And to be able to achieve such an impressive look, some women are capable of doing really anything, including turning to the help of plastic surgery to be able to model their bodies.

The Jessica Rabbit plastic surgery is not something that uncommon nowadays. In fact, many women turn to this possibility and so looking like the seductive character becomes an option for all of them. One of the most popular Jessica Rabbit plastic surgery became known to the public in 2010, when an elderly woman decided to turn to the surgery possibility with the purpose to look just like the seductive woman you could watch in cartoons. The woman, Annette Edwards, is from England and she is one of the most popular persons in the world who has been under a plastic surgery to look just like Jessica Rabbit. And that is not all. In her passion for the beautiful character, Annette also owns a rabbit, one of the biggest known. Well, although the surgery cost was of about $16,000, Annette could see her dream come true. At least, more or less, as some actually claim that despite the surgery she looks nothing at all like Jessica Rabbit.

Annette declared that she loves rabbits very much and naturally she loves the beauty of Jessica Rabbit. This is the main reason why she wanted to look like her. And plastic surgery seems to have been the best way to achieve this goal. There are numerous women in the world who love Jessica Rabbit and some decide to turn to the help of plastic surgery to look just like her. As you can imagine, although Annette is one of the most popular women to make this choice, she surely is not the only one. Seductive eyes, lips and bodies are all these women want.

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Jessica Rabbit Sexy Style

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Jessica Rabbit inspired many women to dress and make-up like her. Jessica Rabbit is the best image of how a fatal woman should look like. She is not only beautiful and attractive, but also very smart and has a great attitude. Jessica Rabbit knows how to talk to men and how to behave. The result is very easy to guess: men are mad about her and cannot focus anymore on what they say or do. Jessica Rabbit has the power to take away their lucidity and mind. When are near to her, men simply block and do not think very clearly. It is amazing how much power Jessica Rabbit has. 

Although Jessica Rabbit is only a character, she managed to influence a lot of women who wanted to attract men and be very sexy. There is a young woman who opted for plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit. This is not the right thing to do, but shy women, for example, should take into consideration the way she speaks, looks and behaves. Watching the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit it will be the most accurate seduction lesson. The film made Jessica Rabbit one of the mots famous characters all over the world. It was one of those moments when the red and long dress became more famous than ever.

Plus, her curvy shapes and the dress which emphasizes them are other important elements. Her classy and exquisite sex appeal seems to have no boundaries and all men who see her, go crazy and cannot control gazing at her. Jessica Rabbit is the proof that not only the look is important, but also that great and sexy attitude that men are mad about. If you are a shy woman and want to attract men in your life, watch the film and be sure you will enjoy one of the best and most accurate seduction lessons. The film is great and you will love it, so not forget about it.

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Trivia and Facts about Jessica Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit is a very famous fictional character. Even though many people believe that an unreal character cannot have that much power and influence, the producers managed to create a great image around Jessica Rabbit, which was later on developed through the interest and fascination of her fans. Veronica Lake, a famous American actress and pin-up model was the source of inspiration for the beautiful and sensual Jessica Rabbit. Grey Wolf says that Jessica Rabbit was actually based on Little Red Riding Hood, Tinker Bell and Marlin Monroe, for the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit. There are many trivia and facts that have surfaced once with the apparition of Jessica Rabbit. Her powerful influence and magnetic image gathered the curiosity of many to this sensual style and cartoon personalized image.

In 2008, the Empire magazine chose Jessica Rabbit as one of The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time. The female cartoon character also made it to the number one position in the Top 11 Hottest Animated Women, a chart made by the Nostalgia Critic. In addition to making it into a variety of charts and tops due to her beauty and forever inspiring image, Jessica Rabbit has been a part of many acts. Her contribution to a variety of instances has been done through inspirational moments and resemblances. The key notes taken were either related to her look or to the “Why Don’t You Do It Right” scene.

In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, in the “Count Me Out” scene, Sheena Easton singing resembles the cartoon character. Also taken on the “Why Don’t You Do It Right” scene is the Oh My God music video of Lilly Allen. In it, the singer is featured as an animated character, who looks and acts like the character. In 2010, for the Halloween show, Rachel Ray decided to dress up as Jessica Rabbit, while her husband was dressed as Roger Rabbit. The show was a hit and the television star looked amazing. There are many more trivia inspirational moments in which Jessica Rabbit played a major part in teaching women how to look beautiful and sensual. 

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Jessica Rabbit Make-Up

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If you want to create a unique look for yourself, you can try the Jessica Rabbit make-up. This is a perfect option for going to a party or for going to a club. The Jessica Rabbit look is not the typical make-up you would wear on a daily basis. There are many aspects you should be aware about prior to starting your Jessica Rabbit make-up look in order to resemble the Jessica Rabbit image. The result will be a beautiful and sensual aspect of the face and a highlight of your natural qualities. The Jessica Rabbit style is recommended for women with a lighter skin tone, but it can also be adapted to darker tones. The hairdo must complement the make-up and should be created with a natural flow, as to leave the spark and the glamor to the face.

There are several basic elements of the Jessica Rabbit image. The first thing to consider is preparing your face, several days before the actual event for which you need the make-up. You must use some products for skin cleansing and illumination. Opt to start with scrubbing solutions and finish with highly moisturizing creams. Another element you should be concerned with for the creation of the Jessica Rabbit look is perfectly plucking your eyebrows. If you are not very good at plucking, you should ask for help from a beautician, as not to ruin the base of the general Jessica Rabbit image. The eyebrows must be plucked in a thin line, with a dramatic and high curve. If this is not possible for your eyebrows, you can always opt for temporary eyebrow tattoos.

As the initial base of the Jessica Rabbit look has been set, you can now move on to the actual make-up part. The eyes must be accentuated with purple eyeshadow. If this is not a good color for your features, you can try opting for another strong pigmented eyeshadow. The purple is set on the outside corner of the eye, as the inside corner should be accentuated lightly, with a natural color. Add finishing touches with mascara and accentuated the puckered lips with red lipstick.  

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