Jessica Rabbit Tales

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In a once fun place called Toon Town there was a great actor by the name of Roger Rabbit. Toon Town was once a very interesting and fun place to live however recently many things were going wrong and people were starting to get hurt. Roger was some how at the center of the problems happening in Toon Town though in reality it was more like his wife Jessica Rabbit who was getting him into the trouble. Jessica Rabbit was a bit of an abnormal cartoon character as she was an exotic dancer in a nightclub. Her body was that of the most beautiful woman you could imagine though it was in cartoon form.

The movie called Who framed Roger Rabbit was a brilliant film made back in 1988. In the box office cinemas it skyrocketed to the number one spot for big screen movies and stayed in this spot for quite a long period of time. Jessica Rabbit was one of the many characters on the movie however unlike real movies this movie was half real and half animated. During the movie she became on of the suspects for framing Roger Rabbit, her husband for the murders of several toons, or cartoon characters. This Disney film was one of the more interesting cartoon/animation films to come out on the big screen, though it was related more to the adult audience rather than to children.

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