Jessica Rabbit And The No-Underwear Controversy

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Although Jessica Rabbit is a very loved character from the Disney movies, she is also very hot, in comparison to other women that appear as characters. She appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and she made a sensation with her pin-up glamorous looks. Even so, Jessica Rabbit is apparently way to sexy to be seen by kids and she stirred a controversy among parents. Many disapprove the pretty looks of Jessica Rabbit. This is the first reason she became very controversial. She is always over dressed, she wears a lot of heavy makeup and she is always wearing high heels. Young girls form a weird image about how they should be after seeing Jessica Rabbit, claim the parents. Until now, they could not stop the appearance of materials with Jessica Rabbit or the distribution of the movie on TV channels, where kids have easy access.

Moreover, watching with attention the movie, parents found a very controversial scene with Jessica Rabbit. It is also about Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Parents suspected that this movie includes subliminal scenes that make their kids more vulnerable to photography. Apparently, it is true. Many knew that animators use to slip racy scenes in kids’ movies, but seeing this one including the already-problematic character of Jessica Rabbit was way to much for them. It seems that in this movie, Jessica Rabbit appears to have no underwear. In the scene with Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins, she can be seen thrown from the car.

As she lands, Jessica Rabbit spreads her legs and her dress hitches up. The parents were shocked to see that Jessica Rabbit has no underwear in this scene. Of course, this kind of details is very hard to notice when simply watching the movie. It can only be observed if the movie is paused, but it is still extremely important. Parents cannot control when their kids will pause the movie and if they do it exactly at this point, they will be able to see Jessica Rabbit with no underwear, full frontal. Due to this exact scene, the glamorous cartoon diva lost ground in front of the parents.

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