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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a classic film produced in the 1980s. Starring Danny Devito as the main character (the detective Eddie Valiant) it was one of the first films that managed to pull off the interaction between cartoons and live action seamlessly. The story is one where Marvin Acme is murdered and Roger Rabbit is accused of being the murderer. He is, of course, innocent (hence the title of the film) but the Judge Doom (played by Christopher Lloyd) is unsympathetic and does all he can to serve retribution in the form of dip; the only substance that can kill a toon. Danny Devito is employed to help Roger prove his innocence and to find Acme’s last will and testament; which bequeaths Toontown to the cartoon characters who reside in it.

The wife of Roger Rabbit is a cartoon called Jessica Rabbit. Like her husband, she is convinced of his innocence and is conducting a separate investigation into the real murderer; at times, we get a false belief that she is, in fact, the murderer. Interestingly, it was the film that started the character (unlike others which had been around before – Mickey Mouse etc) with her appearing in other short films afterwards. In 2009 she was voted as the sexiest cartoon of all time; this accolade coming one year after she was named as one of the top 100 cartoon characters of all time. One thing is puzzling though; the artists had the ability to devise such a character, yet couldn’t draw 5 fingers on one hand…

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