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Everyone who has seen the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? has noticed Roger’s unbelievable wife. Even those who have not seen the movie agree that Jessica Rabbit is the sexiest cartoon character of all time. This is what got many women worldwide to want to look like her. If you are inspired by this femme fatal, know that looking exactly like her is quite impossible. While her iconic figure could never be achieved by any human being (at least not without surgery), there are still ways in which you can recreate her style. Jessica is not perfect. She has flaws, just like any other woman, which made this character even more beloved. Despite her having quite a disproportionate figure, she is still considered to be one of the sexiest icons of the 50s.

Jessica’s trademark is her long, fiery red hair. Regarding the color, keep in mind that dyeing your hair red may look unnatural, considering that not many people are born with this color. However, if you find a suitable color, then do not hesitate, because Jessica’s flaming locks are simply to dye for! Remember that her hair is also very long, with hardly any layers at all. Her hair also has a lot of volume, so use rollers at the roots of your hair and dry them to give them a lift. Make sure you do not forget about the front curl falling over one eye, either, which adds a little extra mystery and sex appeal to her look. Then comes the makeup. The foundation and face makeup should be kept minimum, since Jessica only emphasizes her eyes and lips. She uses a smoky purple eye shadow and a red lipstick. Make sure you go for a red tone that matches your complexion, though.

Her eyebrows are also very strong and defined, but you may want to leave yours as they are if you do not want them to look disastrous. Just keep your eyebrows neat and preened and you will have no problem. Regarding outfits, everyone knows that no one can pull the red dress like Jessica Rabbit does. However, such a dress may be too much for some occasions. You just have to remember that Jessica Rabbit is very glamorous and sophisticated, but never vulgar. She knows how to highlight her curvaceous figure while still keeping a touch of mistery. Now that you got the look, you should also study her character and presence a little bit, too.

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Kelly Brook And Her Jessica Rabbit Dress

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Jessica Rabbit is an animated character from the film called Who Framed George Rabbit?. The film was very successful  due to this wonderful character. Even though a long time has passed since the film was released, such a character hasn’t been forgotten. This animated woman looks amazing, has an incredible fashion style and that great winning attitude that makes men crazy about her. She wears a long red and sexy dress with a great cleavage. Plus, her red dress has a generous slit that highlights her legs. The character is not famous only for the way is dressed and its look, but also for the way it behaves and speaks. Jessica knows exactly what and when, but also how to say something to get what she wants. This animated character has been a seduction lesson for many women, and many of them watched the film only for this reason. Subsequently, shy, inexperienced women learned a lot about what it means to be attractive and to make men be crazy about you.

It’s incredible how a character can learn people a lesson. After this film was launched, Jessica remained the symbol of the sensual and fatal woman that is able to control men and get what she wants.The fame of this character is huge and a lot of women dream to look or act the same way. There was a case when a young woman had plastic surgery to look like Jessica, but other women were inspired only by her fashion style.

There are many Hollywood actress that adopted this style, one of them being Kelly Brook. She wore a Jessica Rabbit dress at the Cannes Film Festival and made a great impression. Nonetheless, the actress’s dress didn’t have a cleavage, but it was Jessica Rabbit style. The 32-year-old model promoted her new film and looked amazing in such a red long dress. She didn’t want to look just like the animated character, so she also changed her hair style, but even so, she looked great.

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Cartoon Style Icon – Jessica Rabbit And Her Unique Beauty

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Jessica Rabbit surely is one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world. This is a beautiful woman, actually the object of every man’s fantasy and one of the most interesting characters ever created. The proportions of fame that this character has reached are so much increased nowadays that hundreds of women would love to copy her style. And style surely is what describes best the cartoon character. The mystic and the allure that Jessica has had in the cartoon have helped producers find inspiration in creating movies, but also designers in lunching similar clothing pieces to the ones worn by the cartoon character. Still, to look like her you need to have her body shape and her natural beauty, too.

Jessica has the body of a siren, actually her endless legs being able to impress on the spot, both men and women. Her tiny waist and her terrific bust create the perfect image of an amazingly sexy girl. The red hair and her seductive voice are just two more things that make Jessica an unique cartoon character in history, but also quite a model for millions of women who want to copy her dress and style in numerous ways. Not only wearing the red dress is enough to obtain a perfect body look, one similar to Jessica’s, but also recreating her glamorous hair, and most of all her attitude. Becoming as seductive as Jessica is not easy at all, even though numerous Hollywood stars have tried it so far. Some of the most famous stars who have tried to get close to this style are Geri Halliwell, who in 1997 attended the Birt Awards into a similar dress model, but also Holly Willoughby, who tried to recreate the sexy image, too.

Not only famous people have used Jessica Rabbit’s style. Women get inspiration from her amazing dresses, style and attitude every moment when they want to make a big impression at a party they are attending. Actually, the female costumes inspired by this famous character have become a favorite when it comes to costume themed parties. And there is no wonder in that as Jessica Rabbit means style, elegance and seduction. She is a superbly sexy woman, what every girl on the face of Earth wants. Achieving her style will not be simple, but be careful at the dress, hair and makeup and maybe you will be able to recreate this beauty, too.

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The Style Of Jessica Rabbit Cannot Be Copied

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Jessica Rabbit is one of the sexiest cartoon characters ever invented. Although she is just that, many women in the word seem unable to understand it. Jessica is not a real person, but still, many try to copy it, unsuccessfully. The problem is that all of Jessica’s assets do not look that good in reality. As a cartoon she looks amazing, but a real woman with this kind of features would not be so gorgeous. For some, it is hard to imagine a real woman looking similar to Jessica and because they love her looks, they appeal at all kind of tricks that they hope will make them more attractive. Only imagine a woman with such a pout. Angelina Jolie has beautiful lips and she is famous for them and still, her lips are almost too big. Well, Jessica’s are only bigger and in reality they would not look so good, less on a woman with a smaller face. The style and look of Jessica cannot be copied in reality. It could not be possible to have eyebrows at such a distance from the eyes, for example.

The body of the character is very beautiful, but it is not possible to have such a small waist with such big hips and so large breasts. If the breasts can be augmented a lot thanks to surgery and silicone implants and the hips enlarged through a similar procedure, the waste can only be this small due to a corset. It is not possible to have a body like this naturally and those that want to transform it and appeal to painful procedures end up looking ridiculous. The style of Jessica is also very sexy because of what she wears.

All the time, no matter what she is doing, Jessica Rabbit has a long dress with a very large décolletage showing her beautiful cleavage. Her dress has a high slit and she also wears tight gloves that go above her elbows. In reality, such an outfit should not be worn day by day because women walking like this on the street would clearly be overdressed. Although the shoes of Jessica are to die for – sparkly red and with high heels, they are nor comfortable, neither healthy to wear all day long and they would only led a woman wearing them intensively to having back problems.



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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Sells Her Jessica Rabbit Red Dress

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Jessica Rabbit is the popular animated character from the film named Who Framed Roger Rabbit? which inspired a lot of women. The beautiful feminine characters wore a great long red dress, looking very sexy and attractive. The character became the symbol of sensuality and elegance, but also sex-appeal. A lot of women started to wear the same dress and have the same make-up. The British and beautiful supermodel-turned actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has decided to sell her red dress and donate the money to the British Heart Foundation for Mending Broken Hearts appeal during the Tunnel of Love 2012 sale. Her dress was inspired by the scarlet and amazing red dress gown of the main character in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit film and was designed by Antonio Berardi.

Rosie wore the beautiful long red gown at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere. The actress wants to raise funds for charity, so she wants to donate the proceeds to help people suffering from heart problems. The dress is part of Antonio Berardi’s autumn/winter 2011 collection and was also very important for the fame of Rosie on the red carpet. Other celebrities that will donate during the event are Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung, Sir Peter Blake, Damien Hurts, as well as Laura Bailey, David Gandy, Rachel Stevens and many others. The actress and model is very popular for her her great body and she has lots of fans all around the world. She wants to give back and selling this beautiful dress for a noble cause is great as a lot of people will be helped. The auction will take place in London where a lot of celebrities will participate in. It will be an important event that will save the lives of so many people or will improve them.

It’s amazing how an animated character can have such a huge influence on people. Jessica Rabbit is definitely one of the most popular animated characters of all times. Even after many years, Jessica Rabbit is still popular and people have not forgotten about it, not even celebrities. Its sensuality, beauty and its behavior, as well as the make-up and the dress were fantastic and women started to perceive this characters as a  great and helpful seduction lesson.

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Jessica Rabbit – Always Overdressed

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As one of the sexiest cartoon characters in the world, Jessica Rabbit conquered the public with her outrageous outfits, rather than with her wit. She appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a movie in which she plays the detective to solve a mystery in which her husband, Roger Rabbit, is involved. Jessica Rabbit made a great impression on the public, but the first thing that everybody noticed was her attire. She is always overdressed, no matter the situation. She also has a very strong makeup all the time, making her look like a modern pin-up. Jessica Rabbit is very beautiful and although she is very smart, her character is mostly known for the way she looks and not for what she does.

Jessica Rabbit is not the regular wife. Nobody could accuse her of being a boring housewife, as Jessica Rabbit is one of the most attractive characters that Disney ever produced. Even though she is only a cartoon, Jessica Rabbit imposed standards even for other unreal women in movies. After seeing a character like her, the public wanted to see other beautiful ladies in the productions that Disney promotes. Jessica Rabbit is not even the main character of the movie in which she appears, but thanks to the way she is dressed and to the fact that she always wears heavy makeup, she is the most popular. People love to see something out of the ordinary and for them, the fact that Jessica Rabbit is always overdressed and she is never seen without dramatic makeup is not a problem.

She is now a standard of cartoon beauty. No wonder that many girls and women use Jessica Rabbit as their role model. She has a gorgeous body and knows how to stand out in the crowd. Not to mention that Jessica Rabbit has taste in clothing and a really good hand in applying makeup. Using Jessica Rabbit as inspiration is not a bad thing because she is very appreciated. Copying entirely Jessica Rabbit in really life is wrong, because nobody should forget that in the end, Jessica Rabbit is still only a cartoon character and not a real person.

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Jessica Rabbit And The No-Underwear Controversy

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Although Jessica Rabbit is a very loved character from the Disney movies, she is also very hot, in comparison to other women that appear as characters. She appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and she made a sensation with her pin-up glamorous looks. Even so, Jessica Rabbit is apparently way to sexy to be seen by kids and she stirred a controversy among parents. Many disapprove the pretty looks of Jessica Rabbit. This is the first reason she became very controversial. She is always over dressed, she wears a lot of heavy makeup and she is always wearing high heels. Young girls form a weird image about how they should be after seeing Jessica Rabbit, claim the parents. Until now, they could not stop the appearance of materials with Jessica Rabbit or the distribution of the movie on TV channels, where kids have easy access.

Moreover, watching with attention the movie, parents found a very controversial scene with Jessica Rabbit. It is also about Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Parents suspected that this movie includes subliminal scenes that make their kids more vulnerable to photography. Apparently, it is true. Many knew that animators use to slip racy scenes in kids’ movies, but seeing this one including the already-problematic character of Jessica Rabbit was way to much for them. It seems that in this movie, Jessica Rabbit appears to have no underwear. In the scene with Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins, she can be seen thrown from the car.

As she lands, Jessica Rabbit spreads her legs and her dress hitches up. The parents were shocked to see that Jessica Rabbit has no underwear in this scene. Of course, this kind of details is very hard to notice when simply watching the movie. It can only be observed if the movie is paused, but it is still extremely important. Parents cannot control when their kids will pause the movie and if they do it exactly at this point, they will be able to see Jessica Rabbit with no underwear, full frontal. Due to this exact scene, the glamorous cartoon diva lost ground in front of the parents.

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Jessica Rabbit Sexiest Cartoon Character

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Voted in 2009 as the sexiest animated cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit is even today very popular and an important seduction lesson for women. Jessica Rabbit is very voluptuous, attractive, knows very well what she wants and is ready to fight for that. She is a good girl that has gone bad, but this doesn’t mean that she is aggressive. On the contrary, Jessica Rabbit has a very sensual and amazing style of speaking and getting what she wants. Jessica Rabbit is smart, educated and attractive. All the men around her like her. In the real life are women who want to look like Jessica Rabbit. One of them, had plastic surgery, but this was very wrong. If  some women appreciate Jessica Rabbit so much and want to take something from her, then her personality, make-up, clothing, as well as the way she moves, are perfect for that.

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most famous characters of all times, which is incredible. A lot of people don’t remember the film, but when you say Jessica Rabbit, they immediately can picture this amazing feminine character. Jessica Rabbit is also a great lesson for inexperienced women or for those who are very shy, like a man very much, but don’t know how to attract him.

Everything that Jessica Rabbit says, speaks are a great clue for how attractive and successful woman should act. Additionally, there are opinions claiming that Jessica Rabbit is actually vulgar and should not be an example for women. There are several points of view, but no one can say that Jessica Rabbit is not attractive or very sensual. If she would be a real person, she would definitely have thousands of men around her. Having plastic surgery to look as your favourite character is a sign that you don’t like and don’t accept yourself. Accepting the way you look and your personality is a healthy way of living life. Trying to be someone you aren’t, will make you huge problems and you won’t know anymore who you really are.

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